Online statements, also known as E-Statements, are FREE electronic versions 
of your paper statements. E-
Statements save time and are 
easy to access whenever you need them. And, you'll have access to
FREE E-Alerts to get account infromation and updates fast!

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To use E-Statements you will need to be signed up with It'sMe247 Online Banking. Once you are set-up with Online Banking, then you can access the E-Statement enrollment page to sign up and receive your account statements electronically through It'sMe247. It's easy to sign up for both It'sMe247 Online Banking and
E-Statements, click here or contact us today to get started.

Using your current email address, an E-Statement notification will be automatically delivered to your email in-box monthly or quarterly (depending on when you would normally receive your account statement). For security reasons, the statement itself will not be attached to the email; you must log in to It'sMe247 using your account number and password to securely view your statement.

With E-Statements, there's no need to continue receiving paper statements. You'll be able to electronically view, print or save current and past statements to your local computer. 

  • Eliminate paper storage hassles by saving your statement electronically.
  • Save statements on your computer and print them at your convenience.
  • Receive your statements faster.
  • Review and print copies of your statement history.
  • Access your statement anytime, day or night.
  • It's secure, easy to use and FREE.
  • Sign up for e-Statements today

Set up E-Alerts for Fast Account Information

Receive account information messages using the method you prefer—by email, have messages sent to your cell phone, or check your messages in the It’s Me 247 Message Center—E-Alerts are secure, easy and free!

Create different types of free E-Alert subscriptions for:

  • Account Notices
  • Account Balance Alerts
  • Automatic Deposits and Withdrawal Alerts 
  • Loan Due Alerts




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