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Put your home to work for you with a home equity loan. 
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Home Equity Loan
Let us help you put your home to work for you! A Home Equity Loan is a great way
to make things happen:

  • Debt Consolidation
  • Home Remodeling
  • Home Improvement Projects
  • Landscaping and Swimming Pools
  • Graduations and College Educations
  • Weddings and New Arrivals
  • Vacations 

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)* with a Three Month Introductory Rate
If you prefer to borrow a lump sum with a fixed payment, this line of credit:

  • enables you to borrow up to 90% of your equity.
  • has no closing costs, which saves you money.
  • offers revolving credit, so as your balance goes down, your credit line goes back up.
  • gives you easy access to your credit line by telephone, online banking, check writing, or in person.
  • provides a lower interest rate than traditional credit lines that are unsecured.
  • comes with a special introductory rate for first three months
  • may have tax deductible interest (ask a tax advisor) 

Fixed Rate Equity Loan*
*Property must be member's primary residence. Contact a loan officer for a current quote on fees, rates, terms and more details.

If you prefer to borrow a lump sum with a fixed payment, this loan:

  • lets you borrow up to 90% of your equity
  • offers up to a 20 year term
  • keeps payments that are fixed for the term
  • offers a lump sum disbursement
  • may have tax deductible interest (as a tax advisor)

Cash Out Home Refinances
Use this type of refinance to possibly lower your current mortgage rate and borrow some of your home equity at the same time.
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Or call: 509-838-6157 - or - (800) 660-0444 

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