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Turn to the Security Center for helpful information to protect you and your family
against fraud, identity theft and malicious activity. Please call us if you ever need
assistance or have questions about safeguarding your identity.


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The PrimeSource Security Center 
Use this valuable resource to help you stay informed in order to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud.

Internet and Identity Protection
The damage of fraud to your personal finances and credit are not only a major concern and inconvenience, the repercussions could potentially take years to repair. Use the information on the Internet and Identity Protection pages to increase your awareness, learn what to watch for to prevent fraud and scams, and become aware of what you may need to do to increase security measures for your personal finances, identity, home and computer. 

Click here for a very helpful publication by Federal Trade Commission: What To Do If Your Identity is Stolen

Security Alerts
The Security Alerts section contains details to help your recognize actual scams and malicious activity. New scams occur everyday, be on the lookout and aware of what is going on so that you can prevent fraud, identity theft and scams.

Security Articles
We continually strive to protect your accounts with state of the art technology and software. Technology such as the internet, computers and cell phones offer amazing conveniences, but unfortunately opens the doors to hackers, scammers and identity thieves with opportunities to access your personal information, finances, computer and home. We hope these security tips and articles will be helpful in providing you with ongoing, valuable information to further protect you and your family.

Beware of Telephone Scams
A PrimeSource Credit Union employee will not call and ask you to provide sensitive account information. Furthermore, we do not solicit any card or account information by using automated message systems or text messages. However, we do have an automated fraud alert system for our credit cards. Feel free to contact us for more information.





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