Board of Directors

Because credit unions are member-owned you have a unique opportunity to contribute your skills and expertise by volunteering on either the Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee. These important positions are open to eligible and qualified PrimeSource Credit Union members. The Board of Directors oversees the focus and direction of the credit union. Their responsibilities include hiring and evaluating the CEO, developing long range strategic plans with measurable goals, and monitoring progress made toward these goals. Board meetings are held monthly to review, discuss and act on key issues facing the organization. Each Board Member serves a three-year term.

The PrimeSource CU Supervisory Committee is the auditing body of the credit union, ensuring that the policies, procedures, and internal controls of the credit union are adhered to. Supervisory Committee members meet at least quarterly. Each Supervisory Committee Member serves a three-year term.

To be eligible to run for these volunteer positions, a nominee must be a member in good standing, at least 18 years old, cannot have been an employee of the credit union, or its subsidiaries, for the past two years, and may not be an employee, officer, or director of another financial institution.

2022 PrimeSource Credit Union Board of Directors

Conrad Band

Kim Crompton, Secretary

Jim Dillon

Sherman Franklin, Vice Chair

Rita Heldenbrand

Clint Price, Chair

Rev. Homer C. Todd

2022 PrimeSource Credit Union Supervisory Committee

Karol Price

Sue Gordon

Terry Holbrook

Josefina Mields, Associate Member