Certificate Accounts

Your options are many with PrimeSource Credit Union’s selection of rates, terms, and minimum deposit amounts. Choose from 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, and 48 month terms. Watch out for our Certificate Specials too! Minimum deposits start as low as $500. Certificate Accounts can even be opened on your schedule via It’s Me 247 Online Banking. Let your money work for you!

Youth Savings Certificate

For Members Ages 0 – 21

The PrimeSource Youth Savings Certificate is an easy way for youth to start saving money now for big returns later!
This Certificate earns a higher interest rate, while still allowing monthly deposits. The sooner saving begins, the sooner our younger members can watch their money grow & work. Experience how good savings habits can be fun!

$100 minimum balance

Monthly deposit allowed (minimum $25)

12 Month Term

At maturity, with a minimum of $500 in the Certificate, a regular certificate can be opened for any term we offer!