Christmas Club and Vacation Club Savings Accounts

Be a part of a club at PSCU, or two! Plan now to save money for that next big vacation or the holidays. Both accounts feature automatic funds transfers so you’ll save money without feeling the pinch of watching it go. Vacation Club Account balances will automatically transfer to savings on the last day of May, while Christmas Club Account balances will transfer automatically to savings on the last day of October -just in time for the best shopping deals! Open both now via It’s Me 247 Online Banking, or ask for details to make your next big event more fun! Maximum balance $5000.00

Primary Savings

A basic PrimeSource Savings account. There is no minimum balance to open the account. Primary Savings can be used for overdraft protection and direct deposit. Access this account via It’s Me 247 Online Banking when you need to make transfers.

You’ve probably heard yourself say “I should be saving. . .”  If this sounds way too familiar, we can help! Add multiple, free savings accounts to your membership for whatever you’d like to save: a vacation, a new baby, a new car or wardrobe, or even in preparation for the holidays. We can help make setting money aside easier, for whatever your heart desires.

Ask about setting-up automatic deposits to your multiple share accounts and watch them grow. Call today to start saving for your short and long term goals and make them become a reality.

Once a primary savings account is established, additional Savings Accounts can be opened in branch, or with It’s Me 247 Online Banking.

Money Market Accounts 

If you are looking for flexible accounts with higher yield dividend rates, then you might enjoy the PrimeSource Select Money Market Account and Premium Tiered Money Market Account. The PrimeSource Select Money Market Account can be opened with a $1000 minimum opening balance and includes a competitive dividend rate. The Premium Tiered Money Market Account requires a minimum balance of $5000 and offers higher dividend rates as your balance grows. You can open a Money Market Account through It’s Me 247 Online Banking.

PrimeSavers Kids Club

Teaching money management skills to children can prepare them for a lifetime of financial success. Our youth savings program helps to teach children to become regular savers. This is a great way for children ages 0 –12 to save money, or for a parent or guardian to save on their behalf. This account can be opened with as little as $5. Kids receive a stamp on their PrimeSavers Kids Club punch card each time they make a deposit & every 6th deposit wins a prize! Don’t wait! Open your child a PrimeSavers Kids Club account and encourage them to make regular deposits. Come see us today to start your kids on the road to saving and smart money management!