Round Up To Save

Use your PrimeSource Visa Debit Card to automatically grow your savings account with every purchase!

The free Round-Up to Save program automatically “rounds-up” each Visa Debit Card transaction that is attached to your checking account to the next whole dollar, and deposits the funds into a savings account designated by you. It’s a convenient way to accumulate change into a savings account each time you use your debit card.

At the end of each day, the Round Up to Save program calculates every Visa Debit Card transaction to the next whole dollar amount, totals all of the rounded-up funds, and transfers the total amount into a designated savings account as one, single transfer. Since the Round Up to Save transfer is not tied to the individual transactions, if a transaction is reversed, it will have no effect on the transfer. This is so even if the reversal is done the same day as the transaction. In addition, funds are only transferred if they are available. Round Up to Save transfers will not cause the account to post to a negative balance or post below the available balance.